Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Grand Tourismo Omologato.

As one of only a handful of lucky passengers in Ferrari's amazing 599 GTO at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, UKMotorTalk's Graham Benge was quite simply awe-struck by the sheer pace it displayed as it hurtled to the top of the hill.

This evolution of the standard vehicle is the fastest road-going Ferrari ever produced by the legendary Italian manufacturer and builds on the already hugely-impressive 599 GTB to become only the third Ferrari ever to bear the evocative initials GTO.

Lightened, stiffened and with more power, this thinly-disguised racer will accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100 km/h) in a barely-credible 3.3 seconds & tops out at 208 mph or, if you prefer your measurements metrically, 335 km/h - which, let's face it, is FAST ENOUGH.

There will only ever be 599 of these cars made, unless of course Ferrari decide to take a leaf out of their own (F40 order) book and produce a few more to satisfy the almost certain demands of the super-rich.

It's a safe bet then they're not likely to be a common sight on the roads.

Graham is already saving up but even with a whip round in the UKMT office he's still a good few hundred thousand pounds short of being able to make Luca Di Montezemolo an offer..

So, in lieu of a sudden lottery win, turn up your speakers and relive a truly amazing sprint to the top of Lord March's driveway in the Sussex sunshine..

David W.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lewis & Jenson's boss chats to Graham

Dressed in civvies for a change rather than his usual corporate colours, Martin Whitmarsh, Team Principal at Mclaren, had a chat with UKMotorTalk's Graham Benge on a sunny Sunday lunchtime.


Piloted by the man who dropped bombs on Port Stanley back in 1982 - XH558, the sole flying example of Avro's awesome Vulcan bomber graces the skies over Goodwood.

The Lotus Position

Discussing Lotus and "that" crash at Valencia, Lotus F1's Heikki Kovalainen takes time out of a hectic schedule to chat with our very own Richard Newman.

Heikki Kovalainen

Another F1 driver joins us in the media centre, veteran of Renault and Mclaren teams and now driving the iconic green and yellow cars of a revitalised Lotus, Heikki Kovalainen chats with Tony Jardine.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

On air with Spirit FM.

Graham Benge chats with Spirit FM's Richard Newman as they discuss the current state of the art in Formula One.

Jarno Trulli talks to UkMotortalk's Graham Benge

In the sunny Media Centre garden, Lotus F1 driver Jarno Trulli took time out to chat with UkMotortalk's Graham Benge.

Jarno is here for the first time and is due to drive a 1972 Lotus Grand Prix car.

Jarno Trulli

Chatting to Tony Jardine in the Media Centre, Lotus driver and top chap, Jarno Trulli.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Back in the saddle.

Whilst he might currently be travelling slightly more slowly than usual on his four wheels, Sir Stirling Moss looked remarkably hale & hearty as he chatted to Graham Benge & Spirit FM's Ian Crouch.

Less than four months since his horrific accident at his home in London Sir Stirling was itching to swap his current transport for something with a bit more go and amazingly, given the extent of his injuries is in fact due to be driving a supercar up Goodwood Hill at some point over the weekend.

They really did make them of sterner stuff in those days..

Roger Black

As an Alfa-sponsored athletics mentor to up and coming sports stars, Roger Black is at Goodwood and took time to chat to Richard Newman from Spirit FM.


Goodwood's Alfa Tribute

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2010

Well, there's a little bit of blue sky trying to peek through the clouds and the multitudes are beginning to populate Lord March's front garden for another weekend of petrolhead nirvana.

Already the sound of multi-cylindered machinery is invading the calm of the Sussex estate and the heady tang of high octane fuel and vapourised rubber is beginning to drift into the awfully-posh tent which is the Media Centre.

Our team is already accosting the great & the good.

Graham has bagged interviews with such luminaries as the man who puts the show on - Lord March, as well as Clive Chapman, son of the legendary & sadly-lamented Lotus boss, Colin.

Richard has also been busy, having chatted with Pink Floyd drummer & owner/driver of some of the most exquisite motor cars on Earth, Nick Mason.

We're looking forward to catching up with many more of the automotive and showbiz legends who unfailingly make the Festival the the awesome event it is.

Check back later for more sights and sounds from this year's celebration of automotive excess..


Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010

Hello from Goodwood!

Another year has passed and more engine noise and smell of oil and exhaust fill the Sussex air...

Meanwhile, in the slightly, but bit much, quieter surroundings of the Media Centre garden, a more environmentally friendly car greets us.....