Saturday, 29 September 2012

F1 Drivers' musical chairs 2012 - Pt 1..!

So at last the guessing games - will he won't he - are over... Lewis is going to Mercedes and leaving Mclaren, or is he really?

Sometimes we forget that his long relationship with Mclaren has always effectively included Mercedes... He has always been a Mercedes powered driver, in fact he is already the most successful Mercedes GP driver ever, so why move?

There seem to be numerous reasons...
  • Perhaps the apparent coolness of the relationship with Martin Whitmarsh compared to the almost paternal warmth of that with Ron Dennis?
  • Perhaps the unsettling arrival of Jenson Button who is no one's second driver, despite Lewis apparently being paid or offered 2 to 3 million above Jenson's reputed 7 million wage?
  • Perhaps he knows some plan to leapfrog the grid that the wily old fox Ross Brawn has in mind?
  • Perhaps he thinks Mclaren will go into decline when he leaves?!?

So what of Michael and Nico?

Nico has shown flashes of greatness, but is it he or the car that is unable to be consistent? Will he be retained ? Is he being offered a good deal or, given time, is he part of a complete Mercedes funded clearout? He may stay for now, but I suspect one of the younger drivers will become a clear number 2 to Lewis as he goes into the second stage of a career which surely will include at least one more World title..?

I expect we will find out more in the next few days as Michael walks away for the second time from F1... or does he? Which team will have a new boss in 2013? Would Bernie really let that amount of experience exit F1...?

Graham Benge

Sunday, 16 September 2012

And, relax..

So as we wind down in the luxurious confines of the Press tent, we can look back on another successful and enjoyable Revival event.

UKMotortalk's 'production partner' First Take Media has provided a full weekend's worth of lively, entertaining & informative radio and the whole team here has enjoyed every moment as ever.

This year's Revival provided even more of a retro-spectacle than ever before and the sense of being on a vast film set was stronger than ever.

Over the course of the weekend we spoke to some of the household names of motorsport - true legends such as Sirs Jackie Stewart & Stirling Moss, as well as those more well-known in the more recent era of motor-racing such as F1 racer turned expert pundit, Martin Brundle & seemingly-superhuman designer Adrian Newey.

All of these famous faces in addition to the many other racing folk whose eras ranged from times past to the present day were united in their appreciation of such a unique and unrivalled event and we agree with them wholeheartedly.

There truly is nothing else like it.
Quite how Lord March & his team plan to improve on this year really will be worth discovering.. this space..

Saturday at the Revival

A busy and highly productive Saturday as always. Eight hours of live material produced for our friends at Spirit FM and interviews bagged with, amongst others Sir Stirling Moss, Desiree Wilson and Martin Brundle.

We're expecting another busy day at Goodwood today so keep your eyes peeled for updates from this unique event.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spirit in the Sunshine

So, we're back in harness for another long weekend of high-octane hi-jinks.

Realising that it'd be a lot more fun to escape the palatial confines of Spirit FM's Chichester studios for a change, presenters Milly & Vicky are broadcasting in the Autumn sunshine outside our studio and really getting into the swing of things as they watch the world go by.

Meanwhile, other members of UKMT's crack journo squad are off to the four corners of the Goodwood circuit to grab incisive interviews with some of the well-known faces who flock here year after year.